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How to choose a surfboard


Surfboard is an essential product for surfing. If you want to surf more safely and exciting, you need to choose a good surfboard. Then how should we choose a surfboard when surfing to play a wonderful surfing?

How to choose a surfboard

Longboard - between 8 feet 6 to 11 feet long, semicircular at the head, buoyant, slow and playable in small waves. Suitable for beginners. More suitable for use in Qingdao.

Short board - between 5 '9 "and 6' 8" in length, with a sharp triangular head, low buoyancy, requiring good thrust and good shape for fun, technical board, flexible turn and fancy action.

Fish board, may be called "big belly board" more appropriate point. The length of the Shortboard is between 5 '6 "and 6' 11". It is basically a combination of the Shortboard and the long board. Since the Fish is slightly more buoyant, it will be easier than the Shortboard in small waves.

4. Soft board
Pure foam surfboard, strong safety, not limited by the size of the wave, suitable for beginners and teenagers.

Lance or wave board - similar in length to Longboard but pointy at head and tail, narrow and long, fastest. Used for big waves from 10 to 30 feet, like those in Hawaii. Gun is rarely used in Korea, and it may only be used around typhoons to show its power.

1. The center of gravity

The center of gravity of the surfboard is (3:7)(4:6)(5:5)(6:4)(7:3)... Equal proportion of the center of gravity in front, the easier the wave, but the relative board flexibility is worse, beginners have the best choice (4:6) or (5:5) to practice.

Length of 2.
The most obvious difference in the length of a board is that the longer the board, the earlier you can ride it, but the longer the board, the less flexibility you have in steering. For starters, the longboard is buoyant and stable, so it's easy to learn. The disadvantage is that when the waves get too big, the beginners can't get out.

Width of 3.
The wider the surfboard, the more stable it is, the slower the relative speed, the narrower the board the better steering flexibility, beginners with a wider board is better.

4. The plate first
General surfboard design from the tip to the round head, the tip board front-end is lighter, better flexibility technical board is belonging to this kind of round head board front area is larger, buoyancy is relatively large so beginners buy the first board, the best use of round head board.

5. Panel
The place that double foot stands, can hit commonly prevent slippery wax or affix prevent slippery mat, make board is controlled more easily.

6. Amplitude (warping)
A little bit of an upturn makes it harder to get into the water on the way down, but too upturn doesn't make any sense.

The thickness of the 7.
The thicker the board, the more buoyant it is, the easier it is to stand up. The disadvantage is that when the waves are too big, the beginner can't slide out.

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