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Basic knowledge and purchase of surfboard


urfboard of course is in the place where there are waves to play, domestic sea waves are not big, perhaps this is also a reason for fewer people to play.
According to the material, it can be basically divided into soft plate and glass plate. The surface of soft plate is mainly EVA, which is suitable for beginners and cheaper. Glass steel plate can be divided into two kinds: one kind of epoxy resin, called epoxy plate (inner core with EPS); The other is PU resin, called PU board (inner PU foam). The difference between the two is that epoxy boards have better strength than PU boards, and PU boards are generally more beautiful than epoxy boards. The trend has been epoxy board in place of PU board, but because the world's top hands with PU board, so in some countries or PU board mainstream, such as Australia.
From the use, generally the shorter the more pointed the board, the higher the user's requirements, but also the greater the wave requirements. Beginners will choose between 8 feet (8 ') and 9 feet 8 inches (9 '8 "), depending on their weight (both feet are 762 pixels per foot and 63.5 pixels per inch, in base 12). Minimal (round head round tail or round head flat tail), then move on to the fish board or short board (between 5 '6 "-6' 8", generally with a pointy head).

Pulp board

Paddle boarding can be used in a wider range of areas, from riding in the waves to gliding quietly in a lake or even going up a stream. You can play alone. You can play together. You can do it standing up, you can do it on your knees, you can even do it lying down, and of course, in addition to special purpose and posture, you have to have a paddle.
The material is mostly inflatable brushed bottom plate with PVC or HYPALON material, the price is about 2000, inflatable products are easy to carry, suitable for China's beaches.